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Chuck Beatty

I have been an artist all of my life, most recently working as a graphic designer for a non-profit educational association in the Washington, D.C. area. While I have always enjoyed photography, I began to work seriously at it only a few years ago. On my birthday in 2004, my family and friends presented me with a Nikon D-70. My passion for capturing the beauty of nature has grown ever since.

My philosophy on photography is a reflection of my lifelong commitment to the environment:

“There is a quality in nature that heals us.
A day spent on the back trails replenishes
my spirit like nothing else. When we connect
with nature we learn to respect her.
I want my images to encourage people
to find the natural beauty
in their world and embrace it.”

I am a native of northeast Ohio. This part of the country suffered some of the worst industrial abuse in the nation. 40 years ago the pollution in the Cuyahoga River caught fire—earning her the nickname “Burning River.” I left Ohio as a child the year before that event. In the interim, with the help of caring individuals, the area has made a dramatic recovery. In 2005 I returned to Ohio to live within a few miles of the house where I spent my early years. I now spend my free time exploring the woods and streams and ponds of Cuyahoga Valley National Park, located 5 minutes from my door. The beauty and tranquility I find there gives me hope for the rest of the planet.

I share my life with my wife, Maia, two cats, a small herd of deer, nesting
red-shouldered hawks, raccoons, weasels, coyotes, groundhogs, rabbits, squirrels, chipmunks and a wide variety of birds.

Chuck Beatty


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